Thank you for your interest in our cars & services!  We would like to explain what involves with buying a car from our stock directly, having us find your dream car or having us handle and ship your purchase made elsewhere.


We understand most people will be hesitant to buy a car from another continent, after all, many things can go wrong. However, if we take care of the entire process, you’d be surprised at how easy it is.


Garage30 is based in the Netherlands, close to some of Europe’s biggest ports. We are only 1 hour away from the massive ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The big RoRo port of Zeebrugge is only 2 hours away. Roll on, Roll off shipping is usually only done via Zeebrugge and Amsterdam. This is the cheapest and easiest way of shipping, which we use most often. The car is simply driven onto the ship, which is basically a massive floating parking garage. Shipping via container is a lot more expensive and not used often. This is done via Antwerp and Rotterdam.


Container shipping is easily twice or three times as expensive as RoRo shipping, and hard to justify for older cars with relatively ‘low’ values. RoRo is generally what we go with. Transit time for RoRo is usually two to three weeks. We most often ship to the following ports:


-New York, NY

-Baltimore, MD

-Brunswick, GA

-Jacksonville, FL

-Houston, TX

-Hueneme, L.A, CA

-Tacoma, Seattle, WA


Of course, other destinations are also available! NYC/New Jersey and Baltimore are typically the cheapest ports to ship to. Prices start as low as €700,- for shipping only. West coast destinations are also available.


 When we schedule shipping of your car we also contract an import agent to handle the arrival of the shipment. Unless you are experienced yourself in these matters, we highly encourage you to let us hire you an agent. The agent coordinates unloading and further logistics, and handles all the paperwork and taxes. Let’s break down the costs for the agent below.


If you buy a car from us, you will receive three invoices in total. Two from us (one for the shipping, and one for the car) The last you will receive from the import agent directly, in which you are billed for various terminal charges, taxes and duties.


The import duty varies per state. For example, for the state of New Jersey (Port of Newark/NY) it is 2.5%. For a $7500 car this would be $187,50. The various other charges, like terminal handling, brokerage fee, various forms and port charges are fixed and mount up to a total of around $443. Adding the import duty, the total you will be billed by the agent in this example will be $630,50. Fees and taxes will vary between ports, states, and brokers but this is a good example of what to expect. 


So in total, for most east coast destinations, $1500 to $1750 for total shipping cost (Shipping + import agent) will get you a long way!


So what does Garage30 provide and take care of?


-Contacting and negotiating with the selling party

-Taking care of financial transactions

-Vehicle inspection before buying

-Arranging transport between selling party, our shop, and port

-Stopping European registration

-Arranging shipment to the U.S

-Filing export paper work and any other requirements

-Finding an import agent

-Technical and safety check, topping up fluids, battery drain check before shipping

-Secure storage, indoor storage available aswell

-Tracked and insured mailing of vehicle title

-Additional Bmw specific maintenance, inspections and service available


Let’s look at the buyer’s job in the whole process, which is only the following:

-Sign a power of attorney for the import agent to be able to import the car on the buyers behalf

-Provide personal information

-Be available for other questions

-Pick the car up at a warehouse near the port (Additional shipping to the buyers home can be arranged)


And that is really all there is to it! The whole process is actually very easy for the buying party. The whole process is far from as daunting as most people think. Please contact us if you wish to see examples of invoices, want a shipping quote, or have any other questions!



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