'89 325iX Touring slicktop auto

This car was originally delivered in Switzerland, before being exported to the Netherlands. Being a Swiss car, it received a thicker layer of anti corrosion wax than cars heading to other countries did. This explains why the body is still in such good condition for this price class. It has never been welded on except a spot below the rear tow hook (Not because of rust). It does have some corrosion on the front jacking points but welding shouldn't be neccessary to clean those up. The car runs and drives well, and can be perfectly used as is. It does need a few things done, so it would also be a great car for someone to perfect. For example, it needs a driver door, alarm removal, redoing of the headliner and detailing here and there to make it perfect. 


The car is in good technical condition and runs and drives well. The transmission is smooth in it's shifts. The engine runs good too, it has a recently rebuilt cylinder head which is a big selling point on any 325i. The valves have recently been adjusted. The interior on this car is awesome, the 0270 grey sports interior is a good match to the Alpinweiss II paint (Has been repainted) The seats are in perfect condition with no damage to the bolsters. The pictures speak for themselves! The seats also have heating pads, so if you want to fit the wiring and switches you can have seat heating. 


VIN: WBAAG05030EA42237     Mileage: 224.000 km or 139.000 miles          Please view picture gallery below 


S708A M Sports Steering Wheel Leather

S410A Window Lifts Electric Front

S413A Trunk Room Net

S428A Warning Triangle And First Aid Kit

S481A Sports Seat

S650A CD Player

S675A Rear Audio System

S681A Roof Antenna

S690A Cassette Holder

S556A Outdoor Temperature Indicat

S201A Methyl Ester Version RMV

S314A Door Mirror Drivers Lock Heated

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This adapter kit is designed to make your engine swap easier.  With this adapter kit you can bolt M30, M5X, M6X and other BMW engines and gearbox combinations with the 96mm medium diameter  flex disc/giubo to your standard E30 325i driveshaft with 78mm p.c.d flange.

This saves the hassle and expense of finding an E30 big flex disc driveshaft, or the building of a custom driveshaft.

The adapter is laser cut from high quality, high strength steel.  CNC precision ensures a vibration free drive. After cutting threads the adapter is zinc plated for corrosion resistance. The supplied bolts are high grade 12.9 class and also zinc plated.

The adapter can handle v8 torque and abusive driving. The kit includes:

-Adapter plate

-3x M12 bolts

-3x M10 bolts



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325i Touring slicktop project


On the lower end of the price spectrum we have this 325i touring that is very interesting, because it is not loaded with options, except an Mtech sports steering Wheel. This means no sunroof, power windows or even power steering. Making it the lightest and simplest touring around, which is rare in it’s own right.


This car does need work to get it in good overall condition. It does run, drive and stop safely so the car can be driven as is. 

The majority of the work this car needs is in the body, as there is rust. The front fenders and drivers door need replacing and the car could use a respray in the end. The interior needs a little attention to get it up to par, as the front Seats are not correct (318is Seats) together with a couple other details.  That’s why the car is marked as a project car altogether. 

The car currently sits on -60mm springs and Koni dampers but can be deliverd with stock suspension. The car comes with real Hartge wheels (!) and new tires.


Please view the picture gallery below!


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